About Kent

By: kent

15 Aug 2010

I'm a software engineer and a technology lawyer; I enjoy the intersection of these paths wherever they touch. I'm readily found coding up open source legal tools, promoting better technology laws and policies, and leveraging software to push towards a more open, democratic, and collaborative society.

At present, I work as CTO of Ethelo Decisions, a startup working on a "democracy 2.0" public engagement and decision making platform. I'm also the project lead of Creative Commons Canada, as well as a contractor for CIPPIC, where I develop and manage ClipOL.org (a suite of tools to help users better understand open licensing). I'm on the board of directors of Open North, a superb non-profit working on software tools to improve democracy.

Outside of software and policy work, I'm an amateur digital artist and poet, as well as an aspiring novelist.